Era Swap Network`s vision is to achieve the Scalability, Speed, and Low-cost transactions for Era Swap Ecosystem without compromising on trustless asset security for Era Swap Community users.


Era Swap Network`s goal is to solve the problems faced by users on the Era Swap Ecosystem by building a PoS-based side-blockchain on top of Ethereum Blockchain using the Plasma Framework.

Era Swap Network

Era Swap blockchain Network allows multiple cloud computing users to enter a loosely coupled peer-to-peer smart contract to mine Era Swap


86 Lacs+

Block times

5 Sec

Per transaction


Global Validator



Key Participants on Era Swap Network

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  • 01. Blokcee - The block validator of ESN

    This is an EVM-compatible node with consensus achieved with PoS Smart Contracts. For a node operator to get a chance to propose a block, they have to stake tokens in TimeAlly and claim one or multiple PoS seats.

  • 02. Kami - The Guardian of ESN

    Technically, this is a background process that runs with the ESN node. The ESN node checks transactions upto an EVM context, while this is something more. A Kami looks after the proper functioning of the ESN. It keeps a very closer look on the ESN for any kind of attack taking place. If it senses one, it’s guardian form get’s activated and it does everything it can to prevent attack from happening.

  • 03. TimeAlly 1 Life Time Stakers

    These are the participants of Era Swap Network who have some of their Era Swap Tokens staked in TimeAlly 1LT contract and can claim PoS seats which can be used to get validator status or delegate seats to others.